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"Universal Call to Contemplative Prayer"

Retreat Talks for Lay People
given by Fr. Thomas Dubay, S.M.

Complete Set of Fr. Dubay's Weekend Retreat talks.
(These retreat CDs are not available elsewhere.)

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New for children:

Twenty Mysteries of the Rosary Coloring Book
with Illustations of Art Masterpieces and Bible Stories

Children nowadays in general learn a lot about our secular world but not as much about our Catholic faith. The new Twenty Mysteries of the Rosary Coloring Book by Kathryn Marcellino was created to help children become more familiar with Jesus, Mary and the Rosary as well as becoming more familiar with our Catholic roots through coloring pages based on art masterpieces. This coloring book has basically the same information and coloring pages as Rosary Meditations:The Gospel in Miniature (below) with black and white interior and larger page size at 8.5 x 11 inches. There are 2 copies of each coloring page.

The front cover shows a miniature version of each coloring page inside.
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The back Cover shows art masterpieces inside that the coloring pages shown on the front cover are inspired by.


Jesse Tree Ornaments:
Advent Coloring Activities and Craft Projects for Kids with Bible Stories

This is a fun project to help kids learn more about the Christian faith. This Jesse Tree helps to tell the story of the Bible from creation to the birth of Jesus Christ. Jesse Trees can be used during Advent to help prepare for Christmas. This book has 24 ornaments to color and cut out and a pattern to make a tree out of construction paper to display the ornaments. There are also Bible stories for children and Bible passages for each ornament.

Front Cover. (Click on covers or links for ordering information.)

Back Cover.
Covers show ornament designs inside.



Christian Cathedrals Stained Glass Coloring Book:
For Adults and Children including Bible Themes, Rose Windows, Gothic and Floral Designs from the Medieval and Renaissance to Modern Eras

Relax and have fun coloring inspirational pictures and designs while becoming acquainted with exquisite stained glass windows from around the world. This coloring book is designed for children, teens, and adults, from kindergarten age to senior citizens. The 32 beautiful full-page illustrations in this book were adapted from actual stained glass windows from some of the world’s most magnificent Catholic and Christian cathedrals and churches dating from the Medieval and Renaissance to the Modern era. They include rose patterns, Gothic and floral designs, and Bible themes. There are also 20 gift cards to color and cut out taken from the same illustrations used for the full-size coloring pages. The illustrations for the card take up 1/4 of the page so that the pages can be cut out and folded into quarters to make a greeting card. Cathedrals are generally designed to be spiritually touching and awe-inspiring with the idea to lift one’s attention to the heavenly things. Sometimes one need only to step inside such splendid churches to feel a wonderful sense of inner peace. Many stained glass windows are also designed to teach about God, Bible stories, and the lives of the saints. As with the great cathedrals, the illustrations in this coloring book are intended to inspire the mind, sooth the heart, and uplift the spirit.

Front Cover. (Click on covers or links for ordering information.)

Back Cover. Covers show coloring page designs inside.



How to Pray the Rosary as a Pathway to Contemplation
Third Edition with Color Interior
by Kathryn Marcellino, OCDS

how to say the vocal prayers of the rosary
• how to meditate on the mysteries with art and scripture quotations for each mystery
• how to pray the rosary in a way to remain receptive to the highest form of prayer which is infused contemplation.
• how to recognize the transition from meditation to contemplation from the teachings of St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Avila
• insights on prayer and the spiritual life
• tips on saying the rosary as a family with children
• how the rosary is a Biblical prayer

Book Review: "Kathryn Marcellino's book, How to Pray the Rosary As a Pathway to Contemplation, takes you from the basics of praying the rosary, all the way to simple and direct instruction on how to move towards the gift of contemplative prayer. In each of the twenty mysteries of the rosary, she gives the reader the related scriptures and a picture image to aid in meditation. I highly recommend this little book for both beginners in prayer and those experienced in prayer. It's a neat, short but complete handbook for praying the rosary well and more." -- Virginia Barber, OCDS Formation Director


Catholic T-Shirts

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The word "Catholic" with a crucifix and miraculous medal.

"It is love alone that counts."
St. Therese of Lisieux

Virgin and Child Shirt with famous art by Sandro Botticelli

One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church with St. Peter's Basilica.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Shirt available in various colors.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Shirt
available in various sizes.

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